DMT Racing

DMT Racing is a map dedicated to Race. It was created by Malolo420 and Andrew_b. The map features a long and intense driving course with all types of curves and jumps.

The scenery is moderate in quality, but it lacks a lot of detail. The mountainous terrain and flowing rivers add complexity to the racing environment, but the bumpy and plain roads take away from the overall scenery of the map.

The map’s race cars are one of the major attributes of this map. They are NASCAR-style cars that come in various colors. The tires and underbelly of the cars are done in great detail. Not only do the vehicles look great, but they are fast and powerful.

Some players may find a few things about this map offensive and obnoxious. For instance, the map is plastered with “Legalize It” billboards and images. Regardless of your political opinions, this makes the map appear immature, and it really takes away from the fun of it. Some players will also want to turn the music audio off, because the map features various background songs that have swearing and other lyrics that may offend people.

This map contains a couple of fun Easter eggs. The first is a hidden paintball gun. The second is a Marine that stands on the side of the road. When you get near the Marine, he gets startled and relentlessly shoots paintballs at you.

Total Rating: 7.5/10

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