Arial Combat


Arial Combat is a large map that was created by MoD Wrath. This map’s main focus is a wide selection of custom vehicles and weapons. What the map lacks in scenery and detail, it makes up for in sheer creativity.

Arial Combat’s scenery is very simple, and it draws a lot away from the map. The map is symmetrical. Each team starts on a tall platform that rises out of the ocean. These contain various aerial vehicles, and both of these platforms have an inner chamber that holds even more vehicles and weapons. In the center of the map there is a flat island for further battling, and along the edge of the map there are two sniper posts. The city design at each base is an interesting addition, but it does not make up for the plain textures on most of the buildings and background. To be fair, the purpose of this map is aerial combat, and the scenery is simply a subsidiary.



The inner chamber

Each team starts with a variety of vehicles that includes a helicopter, a large cruiser, a hangar of fighter jets, an X-Wing, a Hornet, a Flame Hog, a green Gauss Warthog, a Longsword, a Pelican, a Jetpack, a Banshee, a Covenant Dropship, and a Sentinel. On the center island there are Special Ops tanks and Pelicans, Rocket and Machine Gun Warthogs, and a Blue Gauss Warthog. All of these vehicles are very well designed.


The full list of weapons is so extensive that I am not even sure if I have documented all of them. It includes an assault rifle, an MP5, a powerful energy gun, a silenced machine gun, a redesigned shotgun, a semi-automatic shotgun, an energy sword, a fireball bazooka, a magnum revolver, a modern shotgun, a flamethrower, a fuel rod gun, a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, a bolt-action sniper rifle, and a needler.


Energy Gun

The best gametypes for this map are Assault and Team Slayer. CTF and other gametypes are very difficult due to the size of the map. This map is also great for just plain messing around.

This map contains several other interesting features such as bubble shields, turrets, and powerful explosives.


Bubble Shield Generators

Total Rating: 9.0/10

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