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Forsaken is a small, yet dynamic map that takes place in a hidden forest. Created by Bungie Fan (or “John”), this map features winding pathways and obstacles that make this map perfect for many gametypes.


At first glance the scenery appears to be quite bland. Tan cliff walls, simple grass, and monochrome bases. You soon realize just how impressive and well-planned the scenery is. The trees are certainly nice, and the waterfall is beautifully detailed. The water’s graphics are good, especially for a map from 2009. Something interesting (and I’m not sure if this was a deliberate feature) that I noticed is that the ghosts cease to function after being driven into the water. The scenery maintains a good balance. It is interesting without getting in the way of gameplay.


The vehicles and weapons are classic. There are warthogs, ghosts, and tanks. The weapons may have been remodeled, but I am not entirely sure. One of the most unique aspects of the weapons is that you can carry four weapons at a time in slayer (AR, pistol, sniper, and fuel rod gun), and you can carry three in CTF (AR, pistol, and sniper). The weapons are powerful and plentiful enough to prevent the tanks from gaining power, and there are enough warthogs to make the map speedy and unpredictable.


The bipeds are finely crafted and feature excellent shaders.


This map would work well with almost any gametype, but I would recommend CTF, Assault, and team King of the Hill.

Total Rating: 8.5/10

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