Green Canyon


This map was released in 2004 by the legend himself, Arteen. Being from 2004, this map lacks the impressive graphs we’ve come to expect from Halo CE, but it more than makes up for this with the pure fun of this map.

The scenery and terrain are definitely the weakest elements in this map. The textures are boring and monotone, the water looks very unnatural, and the placement of crashed Covenant and Human vehicles does very little to improve the overall appearance. However, like I said, this map is from 2004. You can’t expect a map from the same year that Halomaps started to have high quality graphics. Not to mention, the things Arteen was able to without OS and other software enhancements is really impressive.


For instance, the weapons are all custom, and they each feature their own set of interesting changes. There are actually so many improvements to the weapons that I can’t list them all, but Arteen lists them in the map’s description on Halomaps. Some of my favorite weapons are the shotgun (which fires plasma bolts), plasma pistol (which shoots three bolts), railgun, and Sentinel. That’s right, you can use a Sentinel as a weapon.


Here, you can see the awesome laser that the Sentinel shoots. Below, you can witness the destructive power of the shotgun.


Each base has two Warthogs, a Ghost, and a Banshee. In addition, the map has a Scorpion and Shade turrets. The Ghost is normal, and the only changes to the Warthogs and Scorpion are that the passenger seats are third person and the crosshairs are slightly higher than where the weapon actually fires. The vehicles with the most obvious changes (and the most fun) are the Banshees and the Shades. The Banshee has a cool, yellow paint job, and if you crash the Banshee, you will die. All of the vehicles have crash damage, but the Warthogs only take off a bit of your shield, whereas the Banshee is basically a guaranteed death if you hit a wall. It’s hard to say whether that is a positive or negative feature.


Coolest paint job ever

The Shade is movable, and it shoots at a much faster rate.


While the vehicles and weapons are certainly fun and impressive, all of them pale in comparison to my favorite part of the map, the tunnels. At first, the tunnels seem like a simple addition to the map in order to add greater complexity to the BSP, but if you fire any weapon inside the tunnel, it will bounce and ricochet off of every surface. Even pistol bullets will bounce around at lightning speed.





This map would likely be great for any team gametype, but it’s best for simply fooling around when you’re bored. Honestly, the tunnel alone could keep me entertained for hours.

Total Rating: 7.8/10

If you have any questions, comments, or map suggestions, leave a comment below.

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