Concealed is a map from 2004 with no author listed on HaloMaps. Whoever made it, it is a solid design with balanced gameplay. The bases are connected to tunnel networks, which are then connected to several teleporters. The weapons and vehicles are not custom, but their placement makes the map function well with any gametype. Turrets, tanks, and banshees are available at both bases, and they can be used to counter the numerous sniping points in the map.


The terrain of this map is incredible. The snowy sky sets an ominous tone for the battlefield, and the frozen waterfall and tall cliffs make the danger of the battle unavoidable. Even the tunnels have a bottomless pit to watch out for. The battlefields of this map are varied, and the obstacles will make any confrontation a challenge. There are twisting pathways and awesome jumps, which are filled with rocks and trees that enemies could easily hide behind, so don’t assume that you’re safe in a tank.


Total Rating: 7.6/10

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