H3MT-Narrows is a map created by, quite obviously, H3MT. It is a medium-sized map inspired by Halo 3. It is called Narrows, because the entire map consists of a symmetrical bridge that hangs over a massive gorge.

Other than the bridge itself, the scenery of the map is fairly plain. The bases are seemingly empty, except for various weapons. The backdrop is of a rocky cliff-face.

This map includes no vehicles.

This map includes several custom weapons from Halo 3. These include an assault rifle, rocket launcher, needler, battle rifle, sniper rifle, white SMG and shotgun, plasma pistol, Brute Mauler, Brute Rocket Launcher, and Brute Spiker.

The main drawback for this map is the slow rendering of the map’s scenery. In the image below, you can see that many of the map’s structures are not rendered until you get very close to them.

Due to the complex pathways that run underneath the bridge, this map works best with Zombies, CTF, and King of the Hill.

The most interesting features of this map are the H3 Shield Drainer and Shield Bubble. These custom gadgets can be used to guard various point on the map in the midst of a tough battle. They spawn infrequently, so as to prevent camping, and they add a very dynamic aspect to any game.

Shield Drainer

Bubble Shield

Total Rating: 8.1/10

Red Feather Ranch

A sign that reads “Red Feather Ranch.”

Red Feather Ranch is a custom map created by DocOctavius. Based on a real place, the map is heavily forested and mountainous.

The scenery is exquisite in every way. No detail was spared in the creation of the realistic forest and river. A tall waterfall leads to a large river that divides the map. The steep mountain creates logistical issues for the player. Both bases are on the side of this steep mountain, with Red Base located above Blue Base. Both bases have sniper posts at the top.

A steep path down the mountain

There are Banshees, Ghosts, and Warthogs at both bases. A single Scorpion is located in a far-corner of the map; this gives neither team a large advantage. The vehicles’ placement is one of the major attributes of this map.

The default weapons in this map are basic. There are assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and needlers at the bases. Fuel rod guns and rocket launchers are hidden in various places in the map. Hiding the rocket launchers helps to prevent their overuse.

There are only a couple issues with this map. First of all, the Banshee at Red Base is completely inaccessible. Secondly, Red Base has an overwhelming strategic advantage. Not only does Red Base have a height advantage, but they also have a defense wall and a tower. However, a secret passageway and Blue Team’s vehicles advantage seem to counter this.

There is no ladder to reach the Banshee

The defense tower at Red Base

This map is great for Assault, King, Slayer, and Zombies. It could work for CTF and Team Slayer, but this depends on how much of an advantage Red gets.

Lastly, this map includes several interesting features. A series of secret passageways make strategy more complex and help Blue Team counter Red Team’s advantages. The fuel rod guns are hidden in the river and an inescapable pit. So be careful, because you literally cannot escape this pit without killing yourself.

A strange structure in the underground pathway.

The inescapable pit

Total Rating: 9.5

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City 2001

City 2001 is a custom map with scenery based off of a city. It features large buildings, street lights, and a central park.

Vehicles are spread all over the map. They are placed in parking lots, clandestine alleys, and everywhere else. There are Specters, Warthogs, Bulldogs, and Ghosts.

Most of the weapons are custom. There is a redesigned pistol, sniper rifle, and an SMG. The plasma grenades have been altered into stick grenades that blast needles in every direction.

The scenery in the map is extremely good. The city is complete with diverse and detailed buildings, street lights, signs, road markings, and ramps placed all over for cool jumps.

This map works well with almost any gametype. The most fun would likely be Assault, as it requires complex battle strategy.

The only complaint I have of the map is that the ubiquity of vehicles leads to their overuse, but with skilled players, this is usually countered.

Total Rating: 9.4/10

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A view of the Main Chamber and the three levels

Atomic is a simple and small map. The map consists of a main chamber with three different levels. There are two ramps that wrap around the sides of this main chamber and allow you to access the different levels.

A view of one of the ramps

The scenery is very simple, but it is also fairly interesting. A pipe that carries yellow particles runs through the center of the chamber, and lights run along the floor of the ramps.

The two bases are located on the second level, and each is connected to one of the ramps. The bases feature a pipe similar to the one in the main chamber.

A view of one of the bases

The weapons in the map are all basic. There is a Needler, a Shotgun, and a Sniper Rifle. The top level serves as a Sniper Post.

A view of the top level, which serves as a Sniper Post

The scenery and weapons in this map are not amazing, but the map is still fun for gametypes like CTF or Slayer.

Total Rating: 8.5/10

Double Review: Yoyorast Island and Yoyorast Island V2

Yoyorast Island is a massive map with countless pathways and tunnels. It would be impossible to describe each part of the map in great detail, but I will give a brief overview.

Red base and Blue base are located in close proximity. They are connected by several passageways on a platform. This platform is suspended high above the water.

A view of Blue Base

Both bases have a garage with Warthogs. Riding on one of these Warthogs will take you through tunnels that run around the map.

Warthog garage

Curved pathways

Driving out of the Warthog garage

Following these tunnels will take you to the opposite side of the map, where there is a steep slope that contains several Mongoose.

A view of the full map from the Mongoose base

These tunnels are exciting and fast-paced, making this map perfect for Race, but it also works well with King of the Hill, Slayer, Assault, or Zombies. Due to the bases’ close proximity it isn’t a great CTF or Assault map.

If you prefer to battle on foot, there are also walking paths. These paths lead to several positions for attacks and sniping.

A sniper post at the highest point on the map

Signs showing the different pathways

One thing about the map that I find obnoxious is a large trench in the water. This trench runs across the entire map and divides the two sides. If you fall into this trench, you will be forced to go through a long series of tunnels in order to get back to your original position.

You do not want to fall into this trench

Yoyorast Island V2 is very similar to Yoyorast Island. V2 improves the terrain and adds other cool elements.

V2 modifies the curved pathways to improve the driving of vehicles. There are also numerous terrain changes, such as an added island, and a large ridge that divides parts of the map.





V2 also has new vehicles. There is a Warthog with no turret and a banshee.

Final Ratings:

Yoyorast Island: 9.4/10

Yoyorast Island V2: 9.6/10

P.S. I would like to thank @HaloCEmaps for tweeting about this blog.

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TCBL Zanzibar

TCBL Zanzibar is a remake of the original Zanzibar map that features new vehicles, weapons, and scenery.

Full View of the map

The scenery in the map is quite impressive. It features two downed ships in the water, a large generator, brick walls, and palm trees.

The outer-wall

The background consists of rocky terrain that traps players into the fighting area. There are castle walls that surround the inner-base, and turrets are placed throughout the map. There are several buildings and towers along the wall and inside the base. This adds a dynamic aspect to the map’s battles.

Four-Seater Banshee and the Generator

Cruising on a Gauss Warthog

There are several custom vehicles. These include a four-seater banshee, a Gauss Warthog, a Transport Warthog, a Civil Bulldog, and a Specter.

From left to right: Specter, Gauss Warthog, Transport Warthog, and Civil Bulldog.

However, the map has some downsides. First, the turrets are very ineffective and obnoxious. They are placed in random places throughout the map which could possibly lead to their overuse. Also, there are mines placed all over the map. The mines make the game interesting at first, but they soon become a nuisance. Lastly, the hills surrounding the map are a sniper’s haven, and there is very little to counter them, so camping is very common.

Watch out for the mines

This map is great for pretty much any gametype, including Assault, Slayer, CTF, or Zombies.

Total Rating: 8.6


A view of the map’s scenery

(H3)-battle_field is a very well designed map that features many custom weapons.

The center of the map

The map is quite small. It consists of several grassy slopes that lead up to a center bridge. This bridge has an orb  on it that contains an over shield/cloaking device. This orb has a time system which switches it between a cloaking device and an over shield. On the sides of the map are bunkers that serve as bases. These bunkers have weapons as well as a teleporter.

One of the coolest features of this map is the custom weapons. They include a custom shotgun, an SMG, various Covenant weapons, a battle rifle, and many more. The grenades are also custom. This grenade customization drastically improves the graphics of the grenades.

A plasma grenade explosion

A custom mini-shotgun

Another view of the map’s scenery

The map has a custom HUD that simplifies battling.The map’s scenery is very well done. There is no detail spared in designing the appearance of the map. The smoothness of the background and the map’s structures improve the graphics greatly and make the map more fun.

The map is quite small, so I would not suggest it for CTF. This map is great for Slayer, Zombies, or King of the Hill.

Total Rating: 9.3/10